Oracle 32bin vs. 64 bit: quick test

What is overhead of using 64 bit addressing on oracle 64 bit systems comparing to 32 bit? For few days, I had test hardware in hands, to do quick check on this.

The quick test is on AMD Dualcore Opteron CPUs (HP BL685) running RHEL 5 and oracle

Server config:


8GB total memory

2 sas hard drives in hardware mirror

Oracle configuration:

db_block_size 8K

db_cache_size 1200M

shared_pool_size 300M

Dedicated server. All other parameters are defaults.

Load configuration:

For load simulation, swingbench software from Dominic Giles is used (

Test: Order Entry application

Customers: 10M

Orders: 250K

Number of concurrent connections: 15 (from 1 client)

DB size: about 4GB

Test Results:

RHEL 5 and oracle 32bit

RHEL 5 and oracle 10.2.03 64bit


AVG Response time








For this quick test, it seems that 32bit operations is little faster, this of course what it should be, just to prove on hands.

Note: this test intentions is more for load software familiarization, not academic purposes 🙂 To do more accurate testing required more time and testing, which is not currently available.

2 thoughts on “Oracle 32bin vs. 64 bit: quick test

  1. Thanks for posting.

    If you had the opportunity it may be worth testing on 11G as we are seeing improvements of around 10% on a variety of tests we are running between 10G and 11G (32 bit)

    I will set up the same benchmark today and see what scores we get. Probably post on my blog later on


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