Few notes on ‘Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting Seminar’ with Tanel Poder in Latvia.

On 21 November 2008, occurred long awaited event in Latvia – Advanced Oracle troubleshooting seminar with Tanel Poder (http://blog.tanelpoder.com/seminar/). The seminar was arranged by Affecto Latvia and Oracle University, lasted 2 days, and collected about 30-40 participants .

 Tanel started with the basics and continued with more advanced things touching practically every aspect of oracle troubleshooting. Advanced, in this context, means is what you do when all available oracle tools failed to show where the problem is. In this situation, Tanel proposing to troubleshoot oracle as standard UNIX application, perform traces and stack dumps, providing amazing information about what is what within stack trace.

 Another amazing thing is to see how very skilled professionals are working. I see this as very good opportunity to learn. Here he is showing fast and efficient way to deal with problems using his own custom build scripts. This approach is really accelerate process of diagnostics, especially when you are consulting professional with limited access to production servers and environment. But I think, this approach will be very useful for DBA as well, since for High Availability systems it’s very important to reduce impact on system as fast as possible, and for this purpose, systematic approach and planned environment is very important.

 I’ve personally very inspired by Tanel’s work and dedication and would like to thank you for great work and hope to see you in Riga again, with 3-5 extended seminar. Also, would like to thank Affecto Latvia and OU, that made this event possible, here, in Riga.

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