Signal 11 failure on installing 11gR2 grid infrastructure 32 bit

Recent few weeks I’ve been installing oracle 11g r2 infrastructure (clusterware) 32 bit on vmware workstation. The installation process finished successfully and is launched, the following error appears:
“Failure with signal 11 from command: /u01/app/grid/bin/ocrconfig -local -upgrade oracle oinstall
Failed to create or upgrade OLR”

I have checked out many solutions, but with no success.

As a last chance, I’ve decided to install 64 grid infrastructure. Installation finished successfully with no errors. So, I believe, that ‘signal 11’ error comes from 32bit version.

Hope, I save some time for someone, trying to resolve problem like this.

Oracle, uncaught Java exception: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError

This is very common error in java environment. In most cases the problem will be in LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable which is not set properly. Lets show how we can perform diagnostics:

  1. Check trace for more info. The trace can be found in udump directory
  2. Check LD_LIBRARY_PATH set properly i.e. set to $ORACLE_HOME/lib
  3. Check how LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable set inside java
  4. create or replace function get_java_property(p_property varchar2) return varchar2
    as language java name ‘java.lang.System.getProperty(java.lang.String) return java.lang.String’;
    select get_java_property(‘java.library.path’) from dual;

  5. Check that you library actually located in $OH/lib and has proper access rights
  6. Check that your lib bit szie compares to bit size of oracle db. If oracle db is 64 bit than lib must be 64 as well.

Raw devices support in oracle db 12

According to some info from oracle support. Block devices will not be supported from next version of oracle – 12. Seems that oracle completely moves to ASM.

At this moment, oracle RAC 11.2 installer does not allow to use block/raw devices at installation phase. Later one can change location of voting disks and ocr to block devices. This will work on linux only.
note: it’s not possible to store voting files on both ASM and block devices

To move voting files use:
crsctl replace votedisk {+asm_disk_group | path_to_voting_disk}

For ocr:
ocrconfig -replace current_OCR_location -replacement new_OCR_location

Character set conversion problem

Recently we have changed codepage of one of oracle 8.1.7 database from NEE8ISO8859P4 to LV8RST104090. After the change, we have noticed that one in-house application failed with error message “ORA-12703: this character set conversion is not supported”

The problem was that this database used by another UTF8 database through dblink. The application from UTF8 is calling procedure from LV8RST104090 and output parameters cannot be converted. But IN parameters are converted normally.

How we solve the problem. The Simplest method is to use RAW data type which is not automatically converted between databases with different codepages. We have used UTL_RAW package. Change parameter type to RAW and use UTL_RAW.CAST_TO_RAW to convert to raw and
UTL_RAW.CAST_TO_NUMBER to convert back the parameters.